Acumen architects and planners ltd bears the attitude mounting towards the diversity and complexity of techniques, which profoundly attribute to carry the profession out of small entrepreneurship to a vast arena of architectural, planning and engineering practice along with technology based building industry to be more precise as corporate practices of an architectural team.

Acumen architects and planners ltd belief that, design techniques are always subject to change which may be called as design development. It is a continuous process, which deserves keen observation and acceptability by the surroundings periphery. acumen architects and planners ltd is a committed professional team with consciousness and awareness many overriding aspect of economy, social, environmental and constructional consideration of planning and designing etc. in addition to their care full attention toward function, economy and aesthetics of architecture.


Acumen was established as a firm in 2006, as a proprietorship company. After a long period of time it was enlisted to joint stock as a limited company in 2013. Acumen architects and planners ltd is an architectural, civil, structural, interior design, landscape design, planning firm. It is the team of proficient and dedicated young professionals who have developed skill in the use of incorporating computer aided technologies in the field of architecture and engineering design


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Engineering department
Urban and regional planning department
Construction management department
HR, Admin and Accounts department
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